Monday, May 01, 2006


Took the Plunge

After my computer was taken over by an intruder and converted into a pornography FTP, I asked my friend to make my computer run a Linux. I'm running Debian unstable and Xfce. Got dual display working on my Nvidia 5700. I'll have to figure out how to actually go through that install process on my own. I'll probably get some practice with VMware. Sadly I cannot run XP anymore, but I'll fix that up soon so that I can use my studio equipment and software again.

It's refreshing to use my computer like I know what's going on inside of it. Microsoft's operating system really does suck. It's obscene that it has such a strangle-hold on the entire world since I don't think people would have that much trouble using a free operating system.

It's been an interesting few weeks and I guess I'll note the major events for my own purposes. I finished my summer planning and I'm set to move into a place in Santa Cruz for the summer. It will be a bit of a commute to Xilinx, but it's closer to the beach. I was given a "Senior Legacy" award last week for my service to Theta Delta Chi. This evening I was initiated into Eta Kappa Nu honor society and became the "IAP chair" which means I'll have fun organizing the Project Expo next year.

Last week, I recorded a new song which is a departure from my usual trance music style. I also composed and wrote lyrics for another song, but I doubt I'll record it for a while. A voice from my youth tells me that I should abandon all my plans to develop FPGA applications and just be a musician. Maybe go on tour for a little while...

I'm going to start keeping a blog for my research. Ideally I'll read technical papers every week, write a summary and record my thoughts. If I write 5 pages a week for a year I'll have a thesis. I plan to write a good thesis that will pull together lots of ideas about reconfigurable hardware.

I definitely need to write more. I collect my thoughts when I write.

I was aware of a massive rally regarding the Sudanese genocide today. As the grandson of Holocaust survivors, I hear an extremely loud call to respond to murder and injustice and yet I feel powerless to do anything. But clearly I must be powerful enough to do something, because if I'm not then who is? Is typing in this blog doing something? I need to marinate on that one...

I like to use the vocabulary of memes as a tool to understand the way people and societies think.

I need to write more cohesive blog entries. I definitely need to sleep more.

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