Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Moon-Base (A Poem for the Escalation of War)

they throw rocks, and hurl rockets
they take the money from our pockets;
and pay for war.
they make bombs, and then explode them;
they shoot guns, and then reload them;
and they shoot more.

they build walls, and they destroy them;
they train men, and then deploy them
to bleed in war.
they will fight, and they will kill;
and they will die as they fulfill
the creed of war.

the human race
is running out of space
let's go to outer-space
and build a moon-base.

turn our missiles into spaceships;
we must start leaving soon.
turn our battlefields into gardens;
we will be hungry on the moon!

we can build cannons on the moon-ground
when we lose our moral high-ground;
we will have strategic high-ground,
to launch projectiles earth-bound.

ready, aim, fire!
leave it to gravity
to provide the energy
for sweet victory.

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