Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Fun with WebApps

I've been tinkering with various web programming stuff lately. It's been a while since I had worked on a web application and it was nice to get back to it. My server had become a bit outdated so I installed WAMP which is basically an easy way to install Apache, MySQL and PHP on a Windows machine.

I went and hacked out a shell by mimicking code from this site. The application there is called "WebConsole" and it got me to thinking that I should develop my FPGA development tools as WebApps. Naturally I'm working to implement the entire system in Scheme, so I looked back on the old XML-RPC server code I had worked on a few years ago. I'm hacking away at server and XML-RPC code now trying to make a system that can generate HTML pages complete with JavaScripts which use XML-RPC's to communicate with the server. Once I can get a shell to Scheme I'll be able to do all of my development from the comfort of my Firefox browser. The next logical step is to develop a system that can spawn new "WebApps" from the console and display them in the browser.

I've simultaneously been screwing around installing ucLinux on a MicroBlaze core on my
FPGA. First thing I did was run the web-server demo. Perhaps I can work on making the hardware platform optimize for fast, secure RPC. I imagine going to a website and the server's FPGA configures itself to optimally communicate with the browser for the given application.

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