Sunday, May 07, 2006


Another Plunge

I'm running Fedora Linux now because Joe said so. I installed VMware to run a Windows machine so that I could use my MIDI router (there is only a Windows driver) and my sequencing software, Unfortunately the latency from VMware makes this an unpleasant music creation environment, I will have to fix my disk partitions in order to install Windows again. I will probably just get another hard disk.

Still trying to finish up MIT. I don't have that much stuff left to do, I can't believe I'm almost there...

I've been talking with my friends about the prospects of forming a company to design a reconfigurable computer operating systems. I first have to believe that if I focus my energy on it, it could be a very successful adventure. Xilinx has started the ESL initiative to increase the transparency of targetting FPGA hardware. A proper operating system would definitely be of interest to this initiative. Heres a short-list of companies that are involved:

Xilinx - Design of FPGA chips. Also supplies EDA tools for FPGA design.
Nallatech - Supplier of FPGA hardware boards for high performance computing
Cray - The original supercomputing company. Their XD1 has FPGAs on board.
Mitrion - Platform for rapid development of FPGA computing applications
Impulse - Provider of tools to target applications written in C to FPGA
Celoxica - Provider of hardware and tools for C to FPGA
SystemCrafter - C++ to FPGA tools
BlueSpec - Boston area startup focusing on ESL tools for FPGA and ASIC design. Their system is being used by 6.375 this semester and I've heard some positive and negative grumbling from my friends in that class.


I don't know if you know about this but C To Verilog is a website which compiles regular C code into Verilog. There is a free on-line service on the webpage. Maybe you can review it and write a post about it.

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